Environmental, Social and Governance



Environmentally Conscious

At Envestnet, we are committed to being a steward of the environment and helping investors do the same.

Reducing Waste

At our office locations nationwide, we are making an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. We are working with Copia in several cities to reduce food waste. Through Copia’s technology platform, the organization helps businesses redistribute food to those in need. In Chicago, we work with the Keurig Green Mountain's Grounds to Grow On® program. The program recycles brewed K-Cup pods. Since 2018, we have recycled 1,387 pounds of plastic on an annual basis.

Meaningful Financial Return

We help investors attain their financial goals while remaining environmentally conscious. By utilizing our technology and investment products, investors can create financial strategies that agree with their environmental beliefs.

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Giving Back to the Community

We are dedicated to helping those in need regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith tradition or gender. We make a positive impact on the community by fundraising/donating, volunteering and leveraging our digital and financial expertise.


In 2019, we donated $850,000 to 40 charitable organizations including Code the Dream, Ronald McDonald House and Golfers Against Cancer. Through our Signature Impact Initiative, we are cultivating long-term relationships with six charitable organizations: Chicago Ideas, CFP Board for Financial Planning, The Foundation for Finical Planning, Envestnet Institutes in Classrooms, Opportunity International and Water.org. We will donate $1.5M to these organizations throughout the partnerships.


We encourage employees to volunteer their time in their community either independently or through company-organized events. Since 2017, more than 600 employees have clocked in over 6,000 hours of volunteering across the country.

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Enabling Financial Wellness

Helping the next generation achieve financial wellness is a priority for Envestnet. We are partnering with EVERFI to give free, financial education resources to students in 3rd through 12th grades. With Envestnet Institute on Campus, we provide a training program to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and application of that knowledge. College students are also benefitting from Envestnet | MoneyGuide University Program, which gives them access to our platform to complement their studies.

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Corporate Responsibility

At Envestnet, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Our Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) supports female employees and helps them reach their fullest potential. Our program provides women with tools, training and networking opportunities to help them succeed.

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