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Organization and Description of Business

Organization and Description of Business
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2022
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Organization and Description of Business Organization and Description of Business
Envestnet, Inc. ("Envestnet"), through its subsidiaries (collectively, the "Company"), is transforming the way financial advice and insight are delivered. Its mission is to empower financial advisors and service providers with innovative technology, solutions and intelligence. Envestnet has been a leader in helping transform wealth management, working towards its goal of expanding a holistic financial wellness ecosystem so that our clients can deliver an intelligent financial life to their clients.

Envestnet is organized around two primary, complementary business segments. Financial information about each business segment is contained in “Note 19—Segment Information”. The business segments are as follows:
Envestnet Wealth Solutions – a leading provider of unified wealth management software and services to empower financial advisors and institutions to enable them to deliver an Intelligent Financial Life to their clients.
Envestnet Wealth Solutions serves its clients principally through the following product and service suites:
Envestnet | Enterprise provides an end-to-end open architecture wealth management platform, through which advisors can construct portfolios for clients. It begins with aggregated household data which then leads to the creation of a financial plan, asset allocation, investment strategy, portfolio management, rebalancing and performance reporting. Advisors have access to nearly 23,000 investment products. Envestnet | Enterprise also sells data aggregation and reporting, data analytics and digital advice capabilities to customers.
Envestnet | Tamarac™ provides leading trading, rebalancing, portfolio accounting, performance reporting and client relationship management software, principally to high‑end RIAs.
Envestnet | MoneyGuide provides leading goals-based financial planning solutions to the financial services industry. The highly adaptable software helps financial advisors add significant value for their clients using best-in-class technology with enhanced integrations to generate financial plans.
Envestnet | Retirement Solutions (“ERS &”) offers a comprehensive suite of services for advisor-sold retirement plans. Our retirement solutions address the regulatory, data, and investment needs of retirement plans and delivers the information holistically. is a digital 401(k) retirement plan marketplace that streamlines retirement plan distribution and due diligence among financial advisors and third-party administrators. With Envestnet's retirement solutions marketplace, advisors can employ Envestnet's outsourced fiduciary services for investment selection and monitoring in retirement plan portfolios and can access essential information to make investment recommendations and understand the impact of fund changes to the total cost of their plans.
Envestnet | PMC®, or Portfolio Management Consultants (“PMC”) provides research and consulting services to assist advisors in creating investment solutions for their clients. These solutions include over 5,000 vetted third-party managed account products, multi-manager portfolios, and fund strategist portfolios, as well as over 950 proprietary products, such as quantitative portfolios and fund strategist portfolios. PMC also offers portfolio overlay and tax optimization services.
Envestnet | Redi2 (“Redi2”) offers revenue management and hosted fee-billing solutions in the global financial services industry. Redi2's platform enables fee calculation, invoice creation, payouts and accounting, and billing compliance. Redi2 solutions caters to different segments of the market with three different product lines: Revenue Manager which provides client revenue accounting and billing services for asset managers; Wealth Manager which delivers multi-party billing and payouts for broker-dealers and turnkey asset management programs and BillFin™ which offers advisory billing and invoicing for financial advisors.
Envestnet Data & Analytics – a leading data aggregation, data intelligence, and experiences platform. Envestnet Data & Analytics enables consumers to aggregate financial accounts within client applications and provides to clients the functionality to gather, refine, and aggregate massive sets of consumer permissioned data for use in financial applications, reports, market research analysis, and application programming interfaces (“APIs”).
Envestnet operates six RIAs registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").